List of top websites which will help you to boost your website/business

Hello, today I am putting a list of top websites which will help you to boost your website/business and improve your search engine ranking within a few days.


Business page: – The FB business page is an advantage for any website or business.As the domain authority of facebook is 100 as well as you will get 90+ page authority immediately after the creation of the page.You will find within a day the page will be shown in top search results for your targeted keyword.
Build your followers by offering some coupons, discounts, contests etc. The more the followers you have the more the traffic you will get from facebook.
Fb Ads- you can also use paid FB promotion offered facebook to grow your business.

Build a video about your site and its content.As we all know that a video is worth 10000 words.It clears all the concepts than a post can do.The benefit of having a video on youtube is your video will be shown in top search results.As youtube is a product of google and google have page rank 10.So, browsers like google and yahoo will give more preference to google content.It will work as a metadata for your website.

Twitter account: – create your account on twitter with the website or company name and start posting content on twitter daily.As domain authority of twitter is also 90+ so your twitter id will get a position in the top of search results.It will also boost your SEO and your visitor will not get misguided and after opening your id will reach to your website.It will increase your followers.One you get mass followers, whatever you will tweet your followers will retweet and retweets will make you trending on twitter.Remember your content must be of good quality.
List: – twitter offers twitter list where you can add your subscribers.It’s a nice feature offered by twitter to grow your business.Remember one can create only 1000 list and each list can have 5000 members only.
you can use twitter ads for the promotion of your website or business.

Google+ page for business:- You can create g+ page for your business or website.IOncrease your followers on g+ page.
Communities: – join communities relevant to your website or business.Start posting Your URLs in that communities.Then you will come to know the actual power of g+.When a person will +1 it, a message will be sent to all his circles that he/she liked this post.IOt means you don’t need to reach to everyone, g+ will work for you.

If you have a product to sell or have an e-commerce website.You must place your products on amazon.Amazon is the world’s no.1 e-commerce website.It will increase your sales.

Pinterest is a website where you can pin images and videos.The idea behind the success of Pinterest is it store images in the form of a URL.It means when a visitor will click on it, He/she will redirect on the actual post PR web page.Pinterest is also one of the major social networking place having more than 30 million active users monthly.You have to just start your board and collect all your web pages here. Ask your friends to follow or like your pin.Likes and repins will make your web page trending in a particular category.All Pinterest users who like any category will get a mail from Pinterest and there may be a chance of your pin in that feed.

bloggerBlogger is a product of google.Write blogs about your website here.As I have told google gives more preference to its products.Write a blog about your website with minimum 300 words with a backlink to your website.Try to be active on blogger and write other blogs too.It will increase your followers as well as drive traffic on your website.You can earn via blogger too by adding google Adsense on it.

Blog: – start your own blog on Tumblr and start sharing your content on Tumblr.Slowly you will start getting followers.Try to be active on Tumblr you will get more and more followers and you know that the more the followers the more will be the engagement on your website.

Stumbleupon offers a great feature of embedding web-pages on it.Create your account and add your websites main page on it, You will see that your complete website will get added on it.Though whenever the user will watch that page it will count as a hit for your website.Ask your friends to add your web pages on StumbleUpon.Try to make it trending with more likes and once popular it will then stumbled by stumble upon directly.

Vkontakte is a Russian site but have more than 40+ million active users.create your account on Vkontakte and build your group and business pages here also.The website is very similar to facebook though a little bit difference only.Use all its resources too.

Quora digest is one of the most successful websites of the world.Though it’s a question and answer website, but it can help you to drive traffic on your website.Create your account, answer questions here, paste a link in your answers.Remember too much use of link will automatically delete your post.Try to use links alternately.

yahoo answers
Yahoo answers are also the same website like quora.Here also you can answer the questions and can merge link inside your answer.You can good drive traffic to your website from here also.

Linkedin business accounts:- Create your business account on likedin.Connect with other professionals related to your business.Share your website content with them.If you have job openings, you have the chance to contact the right person.It will save your time.

Group:- Create your business group on likedin and start posting your web content or business content.Lets discuss with others. You can join other groups too and start discussion and start marketing your products.

Company page:- You can create your company page and increase your followers.

You can use slideshare for your content marketing.You can put a document or a pdf file here.It is also a good kind of content marketing.