Boost your website via facebook

Hello everyone, today I will tell you how to boost your website via facebook and help your business to grow faster.

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As we all know that facebook is a social networking website with more than 1 billion users.Facebook generates a traffic of 1.44 billion per month.For the growth of our website/blog, we need to present our content infront of people.Facebook is the best platform for our marketing.

Now, understand the features of facebook which we can utilize for our marketing purpose to drive huge traffic on our site.The following are the features of facebook which we can utilize to boost traffic on our web/blog :-

Fb fan/business page

1)Fb Domain authority=100. Fb page authority you will get immediately after page creation =97.06%.Domain authorty as well as page authority are also an important factor used by search engines for giving more prefernce to trusted domains in search results.Your fb page will shown in top of search results by search engines for your targeted keyword.

2)You can post your website content or links here.As you are the owner of this page.

3)You can build a list of followers here.So, if you don’t want to pay for email marketing you can increase your followers here and can promote your content on thi spage and your fb followers will get updates of your page in their news feed.

4)To increse followers on your page you can try 4-5 things:-
a) Ask your friends to like your page as well as ask them to invite their friends to like your page.

b)You can offer some coupons or discounts on your website and ask your user to like your page by using a popup window.Once they like your page, then they can access the coupons.

c)you can organize a contenst on your website or fb page and can get more likes.

d)Join fb communities for exchanging likes.It will also boost your page likes and followers.
I am giving a list of some likes exchange communities here.

Fb likes exchange
exchange likes

e)Use social media exchange website to increase likes and followers on your page.Here i am giving a list of some social media exchange websites:-

More likes/follows and engagements on your FB page will build your website/business a brand.

Fb do-follow Link
FB is offering a do-follow link to webmasters for their website or blog.It’s a backlink for your website.As we all know that a high-quality backlink is better than 100’s of poor quality backlink.

How to get backlink from facebook?

a) you need to have an FB page.If not then create an FB page.

b)After creation of page, open an FB application “static HTML”.

c)Click on” add static HTML to a page”.

d)If you will have more than one FB page associated with your account,FB will ask you to select a page.Select the page and click on “add page tab” and put your link asYour web name.Save it.

e)Open a welcome tab and check your link.Its done.

Fb groups

a)Groups have members.Your target is the audience.Choose your targeted groups.Start posting your links.

b)It makes us easier to connect with people whom we don’t know.As we have the right to choose our friends, our feeds, its impossible to reach our audience with a fb profile.As there is a limit of 5000 friends only.But groups have no limit, whatever we will post it will be visible in the community and seen by other group members.It increases the chance of driving traffic on our web/blog etc.

How to utilize this feature?
a)Join all the groups which offers free promotions,advertisments , buying/selling options.Start promoting your cntent and produts.

b)Join those groups which you think your content will be helpful for that community members.Suppose you are a health and fitness blogger, join all communities related to health and fitnes.Right audiednce and right content will lead to a great business.

Fb friend invitations

You can send invitations to all your friends. Your friends can send invitations to their friends and they can send invitations to their friends.This chain is everlasting.Ask your friends to send invitations to their friends to like your fb page, and if 1% of the invitation succeed then also you will get thausnad’s of likes and followers for your page.Start sharing your content and track the results.

Fb ads promotion

1)you can choose your budget as well as your targeted audience.

2)Your promotion will get a bettwer response.As your ads will be shown in your targeted audience feeds.suppose i will like your promotion ad, then it will be shown in my friends feed because i have liked it.If any my friend will like it, it will be shown in his friend’s feed.So, it will boost your marketing.

Fb applications

1)use of fb applications such as fb login on your website will increase your conversion rate.Many user thinks its lengthy to fill the columns and after that they need to do email confirmation for registration on website.So, to increase your conversion rate, you must use fb login on your website.Its a single click process and users do love to use it.