Build quality backlinks for your blog/website

Hello everyone, today I will tell you how to build quality backlinks for your blog/website

First understand, what is a backlink and what are its advantages?

Backlink: -An incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.It may be in a form of an anchor text, image etc.
According to google– “The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be”.

build quality backlinks

Advantages: –

a) Better SERP: – Good quality backlinks will improve your search engine ranking position in various search results.

b)Increase domain authority: – Good quality backlinks help websites in raising domain authority. Domain authority is the major key behind google page rank.Domain authority not only helps in getting PR but also boost SEO.

c)Increase page authority: -Quality backlinks will also increase your page authority.

d) Traffic generation: – Backlinks from various websites/blogs will generate more traffic.If you will get backlinks from websites having great content, it will raise traffic on your blog/website.

Note: – poor quality backlinks will not provide the results.So, we need to create good quality backlinks for our website/blog.

The strategy used for creating quality backlinks are as follows: –

a)web 2.0 websites:-:- Web 2.0 describes World Wide Web sites that emphasize user-generated content, usability, and interoperability.
Web 2.0 websites are preferred as the good quality websites. SO, getting backlinks from these websites will immediately boost your search engine ranking, domain authority as well as page authority within 15 days.Here is the list of top web 2.0 websites:-

List of top web 2.0 websites

b)Social bookmarking: – Submit your website/blog on free High PR social bookmarking websites.It will boost your SERP(search engine ranking position).
List of top social bookmarking websites are as follows:-

List of top social bookmarking websites

c)Blogging: -Create accounts on top blogging websites like blogger, Blogspot having high or rank.Start blogging.add backlinks with it in your bio. or within the posts.It will create top quality backlinks.
List of some top blogging sites are as follows:-

Top blogging sites list

d)Exchange backlinks: -You can use websites which offer backlink exchange facilities in exchange of coins.Create accounts on this websites, earn points and analyse the google PR, Moz rank, domain authority, page authority of the links, and then purchase it.

Just follow this steps and you will get the desired results.