List of online grammar and spelling checker tools

Hello everyone, I am putting a list of online grammar and spelling checker tools.You can use it to cross-check your website/blog content.

grammar and spelling checker tools
Why is grammar and spelling check is necessary for SEO?

1)As search engines like google, yahoo, bing, Yandex are the case-sensitive and correct use of grammar and spellings will improve search engine rankings.

2)When you will submit your sites to web directories/blog directories, they will focus on your contents grammar and if they found contents with poor grammar or spelling mistakes they will reject your submission.

3)Google page rank: – your content’s grammar and spellings play an important role in getting Google page rank.

4)With poor grammar and spelling mistakes, you can’t improve your domain authority as well as page authority.

So, Here are the tools to check your content’s grammar and spelling mistakes.The list is as follows:-

spell check plus

online correction

polish my writing


Grammar check

language tool

paper rather




    1. Comma Corrector March 3, 2016
    2. Punctuation Checker March 24, 2016

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