Digital marketing and its stretegies

Digital marketing: -Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media.
digital marketing
Digital marketing is today’s trend for a lead generation, engaging visitors, traffic generation, or we can say that it’s a boost package for increasing sales. It helps in targeting the right audience for your product.

Digital marketing includes following strategies:-

Search Visibility

digital marketing

SEO(Search engine optimization): – Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.A website with good SEO performs well in search results.
There are two types of SEO:-
On-page SEO guide

Off-page SEO guide

Local business directory: – Submit your business to local business directories like google business, yelp etc. to boost your search presence in various search engine results.
List of top business directories

Online videos: – Video’s also plays an important part in SEO, as they not only improve SERP results but also decrease the bounce rate.Visual media’s are the best medium for users to understand things easily.It will increase your CTR also.
Create your own videos channels and upload videos related to your content.
List of  video sharing websites is as follows: –





Social media branding

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Facebook page: – Create a facebook page with your business or domain name.As the Domain authority of facebook is 100, it will be included immediately by various search engines in top search results for your targeted keyword.

Try to be active on facebook and for engaging users you can offer some coupons and discounts. You can use social media exchange websites to increase your FB page likes and followers.
List of top social media exchange website

Twitter: – Domain authority of twitter is 100 and twitter’s google page rank is also 10.Create an account on twitter with your business name or website domain.It will also improve your SEO. page: – is similar as facebook and is more popular in European countries.Its domain authority is 89.Create business pages on It will again boost your SERP results.

Google+ :- Don’t forget google+.It’s a product of google and google always prefer its product in top search results.Create a google+ for your business/website.Increase your followers via google+ community.

Pinterest: – Create boards on Pinterest share your products and web content here.It’s a highly recommended media for sharing your visual content.

Lead generation or reach the right audience

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For lead generation, we must reach to right people.Suppose, I am selling an SEO service then my need is to reach webmasters and bloggers.They are my audience, not general users.

a)Google AdWords/Yahoo bing ads: – Reaching the right audience is very touch via organic methods.To reach the right audience, we must use google ad words or yahoo advertisement services.It is also known as a PPC method. Pay per click.
As google and yahoo are the top most companies in online advertisements. due to their AdSense programs millions of websites are linked with them.Based on category your ads will be displayed in front of the right audience.

google Adwords

yahoo ads

b)Social media ads

Facebook ads/StumbleUpon ads/twitter ads/Reddit ads: – You can use alternatives of AdWords services. You can promote your products via social media promotions. As social networking sites like twitter/facebook etc. get more than millions of visitors and billions of page views daily.Here, you can easily target the right audience.Facebook, twitter etc. sites help you lead generation.

Companies like moz,, Alexa, even Microsoft also use this services for lead generation and for increasing conversions.

Email marketing

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The best and the finest technique or strategy in digital marketing is the use of email marketing.As we all know that email services are used by 985 online users.As it’s the basic requirement to create an account on any website you must need an email id.

Increase your members or purchase email id list.On the basis of your audience, you can start survey campaigning and collect email id’s of the right audience.Create an email campaign and increase your sales.

Web sites offer email marketing services are as follows: –

mail chimp




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