Role of SEO in traffic generation and SERP

Hello reader, today I will tell you the importance of SEO( search engine optimization in traffic generation and in improving SERP position in various search engine results.

Let us understand the whole system with a diagram.

In this image, I have mentioned the whole process how a request is sent to the server and how the response for the request generated and where is the role of SEO.

In the figure, user have searched a keyword on a browser, now the request is sent to the search engines via a browser.Now, the search engine will send a request to the server with some special queries for gathering the data related to the searched keyword.Then, the server will find the content related to the keyword in its data storage.


Now in figure 2, the server has now extracted the data related to the searched keyword.The data is now forwarded to the search engine.Now, search engines according to their protocols will arrange the results and then transfer the results to the browser.Now browser is feeding the results for the searched keyword in front of the user.

The search engine has some protocols and on the basis of that protocols they rank the website in top search results.
The process of making a website compatible with these protocols, we use the technique known as “SEO( search engine optimization)”.

If your website is SEO optimized then for the targeted keyword your website will appear in top search results.Your Search engine ranking position will improve.

As your website’s SERP will improve, your web pages will we shown by search engines in top search results and it will raise traffic.

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