No SEO advantage for new TLD’S-Google

Hello, today I will tell you about the latest announcement of google i.e. google will never prefer new TLD’S(top-level domains) in higher search engine rankings over other domains like .com, .org etc. Websites with these new top level domains also need to prefer

new TLD'S

Google has announced that it will not give any SEO benefit to new top level domains like .pizza, .london etc based on brand, product or any city name in higher search rankings. related to any product, brand, company name or a city over other gTLD and ccTLD.They all are treated as other generic top level domains.They have to compete with other Top level websites to get higher ranking in a google search as others do.Understand the google protocol for different new top-level domains based on product, brand and city.

New top-level domains like.Brand or say for an e.g. “.facebook” etc will also be treated as a generic Top-level domain(gTLD).They will not get any extra benefit of having a brand name over .com, .net, .org domains.They also need to submit and index their website to google.They will also be a crawl, indexed and ranked same as gTLD domains.

like .in, .pk, .us, .uk these are country code top-level domains(ccTLD).Google use ccTLD domains in higher search engines in a specific country and use these domains as a signal that these domains are more relevant in that particular country.But, New top level domains with city names like.Mumbai, .london will not get the benefit in a particular city as they all will be treated as ccTLD domains.They also need to have a geotargeting configuration.

Similarly, domains, .burger based on product name will also be treated as gTLD domains.

Advantages of this announcement: –
a) web owners and other blogger’s can now rely on SEO. with a professional domains like .com and .org etc.
b) User’s trust from google will not break.
c) Webmasters and bloggers with new top-level domains need to work hard to achieve higher rankings, they will not get higher rankings with little efforts.
d)The popularity of SEO will not decrease.