Role of page title in SEO and traffic generation

Hello viewer, today I will tell you about the role of page title in SEO and traffic generation.

Let us first understand what is a page title?

A page title is a name assigned to a web page at the time of web page creation. A page title is an identity of a web page, like we have a name as our identity similarly web page have title as their identity.A page title is very necessary from search engine’s point of view as they used it to identify a web page.
Look at this figure:-

Role of page title in SEO and traffic generation

Inside the browser’s tab, sutra software services are written.This sutra software service is the title of this web page.

Now, how to write web page title. See the video below that will guide you how to write web page title.

Now, understand the role of Page title in SEO and traffic generation.

Role of page title in SEO:-

SEO stands for search engine optimization.Every website owner wants their websites and web pages in top search engine results.For these, they need to optimize their websites according to search engine’s guidelines.

Whenever a user will search on search engines, search engine’s will show web pages related to that searched keyword. So, to make your web page search engine friendly you need to add page title with keywords related to your content. As in real life, we know our friends via their names. So, it’s very important to assign a name to your web page too. A web page without any name can’t be shown in search result’s, because search engine’s show page title, meta description both in search result’s.see the image below:-

Role of page title in SEO and traffic generation

SEE when I searched for a keyword”sutra software services” google had shown me the following results.
web page titles, and in the end meta description about that pages are shown by google in its search result’s. So, Page title is necessary.

Some basics to know about page title: –

a) Page title must be between 60 to 70 characters. Search engine’s like shows only 70 characters title. If you will exceed your title limit then after 70 characters it will show … for rest words.

b)Always use different titles for different web pages to avoid title duplicity.

c)Search engine use web page title as a protocol to rank a web page in top search results.Try to use your targeted keywords in web page title.

c) Try to write titles without stopping words like on, how, when etc.

Role of page Title in Traffic generation:-

Whenever you will share your post on social media, it’s your title which will be visible in bold fonts. Users will click your link just after reading your title.So, if your title will be attractive then the only user will visit your otherwise not.

Same in case of search engine results.

So, try to make your title unique and attractive.Use synonyms and your targeted keywords in web page title for success.