How to convert a banner/image into a backlink

Banner marketing or visual marketing has proven their importance in online marketing industry. With the help of banner’s or image’s, one can attract visitor’s to his/her website easily. Image attracts visitors as they can speak more about content than a simple text.Anchor text boost SERP while banner link’s boost traffic. It’s very easy to convert banner’s and image’s into a clickable link.

Convert an Image into a clicakble link

For this purpose, we will use HTML tags. We will create a clickable image by using img tag inside a hyperlink tag.

The actual HTML code for this purpose:-

Result: –

Backlink with an image created. Copy this code and use it. The web page where you want to redirect the user put that page link inside

<a href="your source page"> tag. Put the image source inside <img src="image source"> tag.