How to optimize images for seo and social media marketing

Image play’s an important role in gathering attention from visitors. Every webmaster/blogger must use images within their posts and web pages. A visual data can always be beneficial. Images can speak a lot that 1000 word’s can’t. Images will not only increase traffic but also help in SEO.See how to optimize images for SEO and social media marketing.

A) Add the alt tag to images: – We all know that in on-page SEO, keyword density is one of the important factors to rank a website.It is difficult to use our targeted keyword more time in our content. We can use images to increase keyword density.See how to use alt tag in a web page?

b) Reduce image size: – Select your image, then reduce your image size to improve web page loading time. Try to keep your image size less than 70kb.

Free online tool to reduce image size:-
Resize my image

c) Give a caption to your image: – Add a caption to your image. For this purpose, we will use figure tag.See the HTML code here:-


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Fig.1 Boost website traffic without spending a single coin

See the figure name is visible downwards the image.

d)Thumbnail your image: – You must thumbnail images on your web page.Thumbnail images are reduced versions of original images help in recognizing and organizing.User can’t steal your actual image with same width and height. See how to use a thumbnail image.

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Social media optimization:-
To optimize your image for different social networking platforms, you need to have streamlined image template. A streamlined template is a collection of the same image with different shapes. For Pinterest, facebook, Instagram it shares image with different resolution.

To design your streamlined template visit:-

Streamlined half fold template