what is search engine optimization

Search engine’s like google, yahoo, bing, Lycos etc. help user’s to find the content present on the internet. When a user search a phrase or word, the search engine’s show the more relevant web pages in search results related to that phrase. Search engines have some guidelines to rank web pages in their search results. On the basis of these guidelines they feed results to the user’s for their searched word or phrase.  To create a website/web page search engine friendly, a technique is used known as “search engine optimization(SEO)”.

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization has two types:-

On-page SEO: – To make a web page optimized, some HTML tags needed to use inside a web page known as “on-page SEO”.

Off-page SEO: – To make a web page optimized, it is needed to link that page with other website’s and blog’s.This process of linking a web page is known as “off-page SEO”.


There are two types of techniques used in search engine optimization:-

White hat-SEO: – White hat-SEO technique is the safest technique to create seo friendly websites. This technique is basically a guideline of search engine’s for SEO.Website’s that will follow it, will be visible in  top search engine results for keyword’s related to the content. White Hat SEO techniques includes:-

High pr do follow backlinks creation.

Quality backlink creation.

Sitemap submission.

High domain authority backlink creation etc.

Black hat-SEO: – Black hat seo is a technique used by webmaster’s to immediate boost search engine ranking.But it can be dangerous. Your website can get a ban from google. Your whole website will not be shown in search engine results. The black hat seo techniques includes: –


Placing hidden text, hidden link.

Data duplicacy.

Link farming.

Typosquatting or url hijacking.

cookie stuffing, cloaking etc.


Advantages of SEO to webmaster’s: –

a) It will increase organic visitors to your website/blog: – As you will get organic traffic to your website, you don’t need to buy traffic.

b) Raise your domain authority: – Website’s with more search visibility have high domain authority. It will make your website a brand in online world.

c) Revenue: – Once search engine will accept you as a brand, you will get traffic from organic searches. It will increase your  revenue. Companies will pay you to put their ads on your website or you can add google adsense to your website.

Website rank can change daily. Try to analyse your competitor’s stats and your stat’s daily so that your website will perform better in search results.