why to use meta tag in web pages for seo

A website’s success depends on two factors. Quality content and Search engine’s visibility. There are many website’s having great and unique content, thousands of backlinks but fail to grab top 10 search engine ranking position. The reason is poor on-page seo. There are various factors that affect website rankings. Meta description is one of that factor in on-page SEO.

meta tag in seo

What is a meta tag?

A meta tag is an HTML tag used to describe some aspects of the content of a web page.
It provides metadata about a web page.It will not visible on a web page but is machine parsable. Meta tag can be used for various purpose.

Search engine feed meta description along with title and URL of a web page. A web page without meta description will not be preferred by search engine’s in top search results. As meta description, tell search engine’s about the content inside a web page.So, it’s necessary to add the meta tag to a web page.

So, from SEO point of view, we use following meta elements:-

A) Meta description: – A meta description is a metadata about the content of a web page. It’s a short description about a web page. Search engine like google show’s 156 character’s in search results. So, try to keep metadata between 150-156 characters. If you will overwrite meta description then google and other search engine’s will show “….” after 156 characters. It’s worthless.So keep your meta description within the limit.

Html Code to write meta description:-

B)Meta-keywords: – A meta keyword is a tag where you can write keywords related to the content of a web page. Now google has removed this keyword element to rank website’s. But search engine’s like opera, Lycos etc. have keywords tag in their guidelines.
Try to write your keywords between 150-155 characters.

c)Meta-rating: – If your web page contain adult content, Use meta tag and tell search engines about the content. Once you described your content is the adult, that web page will not be indexed by google. You website will not get ban from google.

If your content is safe for kids then,

d)Meta-author: – Tell search engines about the author of the webpage or article. You can even place link of your google+ profile.

e) Meta-charset: – Meta charset is used to describe the font of the content.It may be utf-8, ascii etc. It’s not a compulsion to describe font type if you don’t want to describe it don’t add this meta-charset.

So, always use meta tag in your web page from SEO point of view.