Techniques used in black hat seo

Search engine optimization is a process of making website search engine friendly. Search engine’s help millions of user’s daily in finding content easily on the internet. But, many SEO specialist’s and webmaster’s use wrong technique’s to grab high positions in search result’s, but due to search engine’s guideline’s fail to grab higher position’s.That is ” Blackhat SEO”. There are million’s of website’s using black hat SEO technique to improve their search visibility. But, now it’s very risky to use black hat SEO because the search engine’s started banning website’s that are using black hat SEO.
black hat SEO

Here are some techniques that come under black hat SEO. These techniques are categorized in black hat SEO by google in guidelines.

A)SPAM: -Spamming means repetitive posting of content. There are 4 types of spamming:-

a)Blog spamming: – Blog spamming means posting automatic data on different blogs, forums etc. for self-promotion by a user or a bot.

b)comment spamming: – comment spamming means posting a same sentence or paragraph in comments on different website’s that is not related to the post on which an individual is commenting.

c)Link spamming: – Many people create accounts on different website’s and without any content or with some content post link’s referring to their web page. This is known as link spamming.

d)Social networking spam: – Everyone have accounts on social networking website’s like facebook, twitter etc. When a user simultaneously posts a link or content in different groups, this type os spam is known as “social networking spam”.

B)Hidden data: – Webmaster’s and expert’s use a trick to boost search engine ranking’s, By placing hidden data. Data may be text or link. Some types of placing hidden text are as follows:-

a)Hidden comment: – Developer’s know how to create a comment in HTML. They use comment tag to hide data. They place keywords related to the content inside the comment tag.

For e.g.: –

b)No script tag: - Another tag in HTML used for placing hidden tag is no script tag. You may have experienced on some sites that you have got this message "your browser not support javascript". This is the use of no script tag. If you have not disabled javascript on your browser you will not see the message. For e.g:-

c)no frame tag: - Similarly, you can place hidden keywords in No-frame tags.

Note: -These tags are used to improve the keyword density of a web page. You can't read this text until you disable javascript on your browser. This technique is used because machines and bot's can read this content.

C)Typosquatting: - Typosquatting is also known as URL hijacking. Suppose domain name of google is, if I will purchase, google is a registered brand and purchasing a misspelled domain of a known brand is known as typosquatting.Look inside the word goofle, I replaced the fourth letter with f, in keyboard f is left to g. There are many people do typing mistake while writing. When they will misspell google, my website will visible to the user. He/she will click on my website, and traffic of google will divert to my website.

D)Cybersquatting: -Cybersquatting is also similar to typosquatting. When a user will use a registered brand name in the domain name, then the term will be known as "cybersquatting". Suppose facebook, it's a brand and a no.1 social networking website in the world. If I purchase a domain "".This domain will come under the category of cybersquatting.

E)Duplicate data on multiple domains: - Aone of the old and banned technique by the search engine is the data duplicity. Many user still using this technique and get a ban from google. Suppose I write an article on my website and the same content I will post on another website or blog. The issue occur will known as "Data duplicity".Always use fresh and unique data for different web page and web site for safety.

F) Link farming: - Link farming is the process of creating low-quality backlinks from low domain authority websites. There's a structure of creating backlinks, but for instant results many user's use this technique. Don't try to build this types of links and if you have made that then create an account on google webmasters and check your unhealthy links and remove them. Otherwise google will penalize on your website.

G)Cloaking: - Cloaking is a technique used to fool Search engine's. With the help of Cloaking, we can show two different pages to bots and users. It can done via iframe tag or via ajax.

Note: - Never try black hat SEO for making website search engine friendly.It can lead you to google ban. Once you get a google ban then you have once choice, Purchase a new domain and upload your complete data again.