spamming and its types in black hat seo

Spamming means flooding of same message or content to various places. Spamming on the internet means mass distribution of same content on various websites, groups, profiles etc.This technique is used by thousands of internet user’s to boost search engine ranking. It was one of the best technique to boost engine ranking position in the past time. But, now search engine’s categorized spamming as an abuse. They put spamming in black hat SEO.Website’s often found in spamming are getting a ban from google.Backlink’s created by spamming are always counted as low-quality backlinks. Result nothing.
There are various types of spamming on the internet: –

A) Blog spam: – Blog spam is the worst type of spamming.It will not affect the quality of the blogging website but also affect your website’s quality. Many spammers create accounts on blogging websites. Once the account created, they start posting low-quality content with link’s referring to their website. They use bot’s to post content. They start posting the same content on different blogging website’s.

B)comment spam: – Many developer’s have designed auto-bot. This auto-bot search blog’s and article website’s on the internet. Once they found article allowing comment, they start posting content in the comment section. They will post the same content on different articles. This lead’s to comment spamming.

c)Link-spam: – Link spamming technique is widely used by many spammers. They post the same link on different sites without anchor text. Suppose a website is related to science, they will post a link related to politics in the comment section, testimonials etc. This will decrease the quality of the link as well as it will decrease the ranking position of that web page where this type of link is posted.

d) Profile spam: – Many people create profile’s on different websites. They write the same content in their biography with a link referring to their website/blog. This lead to profile spam. Try to write different content in your profile on different website’s.

e) Guest blogging spam: – Many guest bloggers perform the same mistake. They write articles on guest website’s and generate low-quality backlinks, by referring a link from an article that is not related to their content. This type of creating backlink’s is also a type of spam.

f) Paid link spam: – Many website owner purchase backlink’s from different website’s. They often purchase links from those website’s that are not related to their content. The reason behind purchasing link is to boost SEO. But, this type of link building will be counted as a low-quality backlink. The definition of “High-quality backlink” is to generate a link from a web page or website that is related to our content.

g)Social bookmarking spam: – Social bookmarking spam is very common now. Many webmaster’s and blogger’s bookmark their website’s on social bookmarking sites to boost their SEO campaign. They use the same title and description while bookmarking a link on different sites. Due to this many social bookmarking websites are not crawled by search engine’s.So, there is no value of bookmarking a website/link on the social bookmarking website. It can help you in gathering audience only.

h)Social networking spam: – With the evolution of social networking website’s, the world got a new spam method known as “social networking spam”.Many webmaster’s and bloggers are not aware with this spam.They think that posting the same link from the same profile in various groups and page’s can improve domain authority.But, it’s not right. If your post is shared by different people than only it has value otherwise your sharing has no value. It will be counted as spam. If you want to boost your social media marketing genuinely then use social exchange websites for this purpose.

So, it’s my request to all blogger’s and webmaster’s please protect your website from spamming and don’t try to use spamming in SEO. It will not give the desired results but can lead you to get a ban from google.