white hat SEO techniques in 2015

Search engine’s like google, yahoo and bing update their guidelines every year. Many link building techniques allowed in 2012 and 2013 were now blacklisted by search engine’s. Website’s using those techniques are getting a ban from Google.So, how to create backlinks in 2015? What are the ways to create safe and high-quality backlinks? How to boost search engine ranking?

Techniques that can be used in 2015 for link building and improving search visibility are as follows:-
A) Domain authority and page authority: – Google is not giving more preference to page rank as an important signal to rank website’s in search results. Google is now using domain authority and page authority as an important signal. Website’s having high domain authority are performing well in search results.

Domain authority and Page authority metric’s are introduced by MOZ. MOZ minutely track’s the complete performance of a website on the basis of three factor’s based on domain age, website size and popularity.On the basis of these three factor’s MOZ assign domain authority to a website and page authority to each and individual web page.

How to improve Domain authority and page authority?

To improve domain authority and page authority, perform the following steps: –

1)Increase your social media shares: – Social media popularity is one of the major factor’s that affect domain authority and page authority. Start your social media campaign, increase your social media popularity by sharing your content on facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon, google+ etc. websites.
You can use social exchange website’s for this purpose.

2)Create backlinks from multiple domains: – To increase your website’s domain authority, get backlinks from more and more domain’s. Remember one thing, 1000 backlink from a single domain can’t increase domain authority.1000 backlinks from 1000 different domain’s will definitely increase your website’s domain authority.

B)Sitemap submission: – Many search engine’s like bing, google etc. have launched webmaster services. If you are a webmaster /blogger then create your accounts and submit your website’s sitemap to search engine’s.It will help search engine’s to index your web page’s faster. It will raise your website’s chances to appear in top search results.

Many websites lose their chances to grab rankings in top search results because their webpages are not indexed in search engine’s.

Google now index mobile applications. Don’t forget to submit your mobile website and applications to google.

C) High domain authority backlinks: – Create backkinks from high domain authority sites. There are various blogging website’s, bookmarking websites having high domain authority. You will get quality back link’s from this websites.

D)Create backlinks for back links: – Start creating backlinks for your backlinks. Suppose I have placed a backlink in my article. So, create backlinks for this article where you have placed backlink. It will definitely boost your SERP.

E)Do-follow as well as No-follow backlinks: – All website’s will not give do-follow backlink’s to your website. So, it’s a bad practice to create backlinks from those sites offering do-follow backlinks. Create no-follows backlink’s as well.

I am agreed that search engines will not prefer no-follow backlinks. But if you want to raise your domain authority and page authority, no-follow backlinks will do better for your website. So, keep building backlinks from those sites that offer no-follow links.

F)Web 2.0 Profile creation: – Create profiles on web 2.0 websites. Create a beautiful website or start a blog, grab high-quality links to your website. There are more than 150+ web 2.0 websites having domain authority 50+. Here is the list of web 2.0 websites.

G)Remove meta keywords Tag: – In the latest google update, google has announced that meta keyword tag will not be counted to rank websites in search ranking’s. Many webmaster’s misused this tag and placed keywords not related to the content.

These are some factor’s in 2015 that can help you in improving your search visibility in Google search.